Free transportation is provided by TSC Volunteers in their own cars to locations in Thurmont such as stores, doctors & dentist offices, banks, rides back & forth to the senior center, etc. We try to stay within a 6-mile radius of Thurmont. To arrange for transportation please call the Center at 301-271-7911.


TransIT-plus is a demand-response paratransit service for senior citizens and persons with disabilities. More information on TransIT-plus can be found in our brochure. Customers must apply for TransIT-plus to use the service.

- TransIT-plus

- TransIT-plus application:

Taxi Access Program (TAP)

The Taxi Access Program or TAP is available to current users of the County TransIT-plus program as a way to supplement their transportation options. Seniors and people with disabilities must be registered with TransIT-plus and been users of the service for at least three months to be eligible for the TAP. Eligible users can receive an allotment of taxi fare per month. More information on the Taxi Access Program, can be found in our brochure.

- Taxi Access Program brochure:


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